The ongoing debate surrounding privacy and technological advances seems to be a controversial issue in contemporary society.When online shopping, individuals, myself included, willingly surrender privacy by providing essential details like debit or credit card information, delivery addresses, and contact information (email and phone number), highlighting the fact that people are okay giving up their privacy and personal information for convience.On the other hand people wonder is technology safe? Especially with the development of AI and facial and voice recognition technology the fear instilled in citizens about the potential misuse of their personal information rises. Many examples have arisen of celebrities sueing because their face and voice being used to promote a product that they had no clue about.  

One senarios where I’d be willing to give up my privacy for security is through internet tracking. Surveillance technologies, including internet tracking, can prove valuable in combatting serious crimes like kidnapping, human trafficking, and terrorism. Having access to those searching up things that should be illegal could potentially save someones life. In exchange for giving up this privacy inturn I expect security. But I do believe their still should be  a good amount of privacy you maintain to be able to live life without being or feeling watched. I feel that most people think like that not that everyone is doing something wrong but its the feeling of being judged and critized that people fear. Most people share the sentiment of wanting to be authentic without the government delving into every aspect of their personal lives. The overarching desire is for individuals to express themselves freely without the intrusion of external entities. It is imperative to establish clear guidelines and protective measures to prevent the misuse of some technologies and safeguard individual rights. Preserving a sense of personal autonomy and privacy is crucial for maintaining a healthy society.  

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