Oppression With Consent

If I were in power and truly was not corrupt, I would only have citizens give up their privacy if there was a terrorist threat or if my country were in a state of war within the nation. In order to efficiently do this, I would enforce some sort of tracking system that is alerted when people are near a restricted area. Those who transgress will be questioned, and if their explanation shows innocence, there will only be a fine.

In reality, I am a citizen, and I do not believe my government’s actions are in the people’s best interest. With this mindset, there would have to be an emergency of invasion for me to willingly give up some privacy. The government could easily lie and say there are sleeper cells within the country with intentions of influencing people to rush to give up their privacy. In the event that I do give up some of my privacy, I will only allow tracking of my location. People who are hiding within the United States wouldn’t dare search incriminating things that would give up their position, so there would be no reason for me to give them my internet data. I will also never consent to home searches either due to there being a high likelihood of this power being abused.

When it comes to tracking, I am willing to be tracked wherever I go as long as the threat level is severe. As soon as the threat level deteriorates, I will expect my privacy to go back to where it was before the threat. Due to me knowing that governments are capable of exaggerating threats, I would have to hear about the threat and see evidence of it being within the nation that isn’t provided from government sources. If something were to truly happen and the government needed our consent to take some of our privacy, I would most likely not choose to give up my privacy due to my extreme lack of trust.

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