What is a Dystopia

I define a dystopia as a polarized society where fearful citizens tolerate the rule of a tyrannical ruler. Every dystopia is in a polarized state. A polarized state is a societal condition where the society is operating under extreme conditions. For example, wars and high political/religious tensions would be extreme Continue reading

The Best System

A meritocracy is a form of government where people gain power and notoriety through their skill and contribution to society. This is the best form of government, because everyone has the ability to achieve. This also changes the idea of social class as well. People will no longer have their Continue reading

Ideal Society

If I were in charge of a society, I would strive to achieve a utopia where everyone feels love and is understanding enough to not feel hate. If people were raised in an environment and treated with genuine love, they would develop a greater sense of empathy. If people were Continue reading