The Best System

A meritocracy is a form of government where people gain power and notoriety through their skill and contribution to society. This is the best form of government, because everyone has the ability to achieve. This also changes the idea of social class as well. People will no longer have their worth determined by how much income they produce, and will be judged based from how they further the advancement of their society. Although corruption will be an issue in any system, it would be more difficult in a meritocracy. This is due to people having to earn their positions and constantly prove that they are worthy of keeping them.

If the United States were a meritocracy, the citizens would have more of a connection to those in power. For instance, the president of the United States used to prove their worth by serving in the military and having combat experience. This showed that they would truly know how to treat the military under their command. In more recent times, the United States has turned into a nation where the the executive leader sends troops into war for simply furthering their own agenda to gain more wealth.

Even with the benefits of a meritocracy, there are important downsides that must be addressed. With individual worth being determined by achievement, there will be an increased amount of pressure on people reaching their goals. This will lead to unhealthy practices throughout the society, which can cause great damage to individuals and their families. For instance, many countries in the eastern hemisphere have high rates of suicide due to goals having not been met. With more to lose from failing, people end up trying to live their lives perfectly, which results in terrible situations that end in people taking their lives. If there were a way to have a meritocracy that didn’t put so much pressure on individuals’ achievements, it would most likely be a more popular form of government.

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