A True Democracy

There are many different types of government. Some work well for some countries, others don’t. The world deems some governmental systems bad, while others good. I believe that the best form of government is a direct democracy, which I consider to be a REAL democracy. The reason why I place emphasis on the world “real” is because I do not believe the American government system lives up to the definition of “democracy”. A lot of governmental affairs are influenced by people in power and those rich enough to influence the government. It is also plagued with people who abuse their power and find loopholes to make it less of a democracy and run things the way they want to. There are also a lot of secrets that the government hides from the masses. Democracy is defined as “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” A true democracy allows all people to help make decisions on what is going on in the country. Ideally, the people will also be well informed as to what is happening in the government so their opinions on each matter can be heard. In this way, they can make more educated decisions. I believe that the elitist in the government actively try to persuade the population to believe one thing instead of dealing out the facts. They withhold some information in the name of “protecting the citizens.” Having people directly vote for things happening in the central government will eradicate the situation of those in power abusing it.

Other governments will not be ideal due to giving the central government too much control. For example, communism. I am a big believer of doing things for the people. Communism would seem like the best choice. However, with that much power in the central government to control the public, there is too much room for tyranny. The people have little to no say and will just have to trust that the cental government has their best interest mind. All in all, the people should have more say in the government. This way, everyone can be happy and feel like their voices are heard.

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