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Overall, I think that I would be willing to give up quite a bit of privacy in the name of protection.

I think that a major trade-off for national security is giving up some level of privacy. Giving up some privacy allows governments to monitor and analyze data, helping to identify and thwart potential terrorist threats before they can be carried out. In times of geopolitical tensions or conflicts, having access to relevant information is vital for national defense. Monitoring communications and potential threats can provide crucial intelligence to protect the country from external dangers. When faced with potential threats, sharing certain personal information allows authorities to act swiftly in preventing and addressing risks, safeguarding the well-being of the entire nation. It’s like giving law enforcement a bit of personal space so they can effectively identify and tackle dangers, ensuring a balance between individual privacy and the broader need for security.

This can also be used by the police and agencies like the FBI to solve crimes. This can be done through license plate tags, fingerprints, etc which are all in a database connected to your name and social security number. It enables authorities to track and apprehend individuals involved in illegal activities, contributing to public safety. Although giving up privacy and our personal information seems unfair, if the time came, we would ultimately want the police to be able to use this information to find our perpetrator.

In exchange for giving up so much of my personal information and privacy, I expect for the government to use the information collected to ensure the overall safety of the country. To keep the public safe, the government and law officials should be using the surveillance footage they take from local camera feeds and computers to ensure that no criminal activity is occurring and that social order is being maintained. Ultimately, I have no problem giving up some of my personal information like name, birthdate, partner etc; as long as it is being used for the greater good and used to better society. (and not being used to control society, like we see in dystopian novels such as 1984).

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