I do not think that much of your privacy has to be invaded to receive security and protection. But often people give up a lot of their privacy without even knowing. I do not think that any reward is great enough to invade someone’s privacy without their knowledge or consent. I think there should be longer descriptions and warnings for sites and settings that give others access to your personal information. Many people just agree to it because that have no idea what it really means for real. As the advancement of technology continues, I think there should be guides for the common people to know what it all means for them. To let them know what clues they should look for if certain information of theirs has been accessed and how to avoid that happening in the first place.

While I do not necessarily love the fact that some of my personal information is available for anyone to have access too, it does not affect my everyday life. I do wish that I had all of my personal information to myself, but I think in this day and age it is very hard to avoid. Lately I have been asking apps “not to track” and opt out of all cookies, but it does not seem to be making a huge difference. When I search one thing I always see it as ads on the rest of the apps and websites that I used. While this is a little a little freaky I do not mind it since I never feel like I am in danger. Aside from the my personal information being accessed from different apps and websites, I would not enjoy if any other of my private information got out. I do not like the idea of all someone having access to things like my messages or phone calls. I think that very personal things, should remain private. While this is usually not a problem unless you have committed a crime, I just do not like the idea of anyone being able to listen to my private conversations.

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