Ur-Fascism in America

In a world of fascists, ur-fascism can be defined as irrationalism. Ur-fascism stems from personal or societal dissatisfaction, which may lead to the world being regarded as racist. I think the United States is now experiencing a sort of Ur-fascism. One such instance occurred on January 7th in Washington, D.C., Continue reading

UR-Fascism exists today

In my opinion fascism exists today. The definition of fascism is “a far–right form of government in which most of the country’s power is held by one ruler. Fascist governments are usually totalitarian and authoritarian one-party states”. In simpler terms fascism is the divide between the people and the government or whoever Continue reading

As Ur-Facism Lingers

As Umberto Eco argued, Ur-facism lies within todays society fluidly within cultures and also through subcultures which connect our environment. Our forms of communication are constantly evolving, and with that we as people are constantly pulled towards this meta world of social media, we place such emphasis towards the surrendering Continue reading

Suffering Middle Class

I believe that Eco’s Ur Fascism currently does exist in the present society. Specifically in the way that Eco chose to define it in number 6 stating that “the appeal to a frustrated middle class, a class suffering from an economic crisis or feelings of political humiliation, and frightened by the Continue reading

The Ideals of Fascism Grows

in the tiniest details. In the excerpt, Fascism is depicted as a “fuzzy totalitarianism”, a combination of various ideas and contradictions. Eco states the prevalence of Fascism around us, sometimes in plain sight, but is commonly overlooked. The ability for the ideas of Fascism to exist in many spaces with Continue reading