Dystopia definition

Originally, my definition for dystopia was, essentially, a society that lacks equality and freedom, and propagates subjugation and violence to achieve this inequality. With this definition, many of today’s societies could be considered dystopian, because there is rampant inequality across the globe. Today, I find this definition accurate, but lacking Continue reading


The Panopticon is represented in our society by the everlasting nature of the internet. The internet, in a way, sees all and remembers all. At all times, there is a chance that someone might record you and that image or video will live on forever on the internet. One is Continue reading

Social Democracy

I believe that the least dystopian form of government is a social democracy. A social democracy is based on the accepted condition that all citizens should be legally entitled to certain rights. These rights include access to public services, like education, healthcare, public transportation, and childcare. I think that these Continue reading

My Utopian Society

For me, a utopian society would need to provide people with all basic necessities to survive, and provide them with tools to build a life for themselves. Walking and public transportation would be at the heart of infrastructure. Ideally, in my utopia, people would be able to have differing opinions, Continue reading

How do you define dystopia?

I believe that a dystopia is a society that lacks equality and freedom, and also propagates subjugation, violence, censorship, propaganda, in order to achieve this inequality and maintain a chosen social order. By this definition, I believe that most societies today are dystopian to some members of society and are Continue reading