The idea of panopticism considers the fact that no one ever really knows when or if they are actually being watched, but they always act accordingly because they never know if they are being watched or not. One example of panopticism that pops out to me the most is the Continue reading

My Utopia

I have never really thought of an ideal society, at least not since I was a child. Back then it probably would have included candy for every meal and no bedtime, but with the life experiences I have gained over the years, I have learned that,at times, it is much Continue reading

My Idea of Dystopia

Dystopia: A society ruled unscrupulously and characterized by injustice and oppression of groups of people within that society for the ruling group’s benefit.   In Webster’s definition of dystopia, I noticed that there was no mention of oppression or injustice. Those two words are very important when defining a dystopia because Continue reading