My Utopia

I have never really thought of an ideal society, at least not since I was a child. Back then it probably would have included candy for every meal and no bedtime, but with the life experiences I have gained over the years, I have learned that,at times, it is much better to not dwell on how things could be. For me to describe my ideal society fully, I had to reflect on the things that truly trouble me about the society that I live in today. What about modern society would I change and what would I like to remain the same? There are plenty of things that I would include in my ideal society that just could not be found in the real world. Things as simple as better recycling and as complex as race equality.  

My utopia would be about the easy life. The citizens in my society would not have to worry about oppression or injustice. There would be no need for police or any power structures at all. My utopia would be truly “For the People.” There would be a fair system in place to provide true justice so that we could get rid of the pipeline that certain groups of people usually fall victim to. Alot of the oppression that is experienced in our real society comes through our atrocious justice system, which very seldom grants true victories and often fails those who need it most. Things like money, race, social status, gender, and even religious affiliation affect the verdicts and outcomes of many of the cases that pass through the American judicial system. With a system that is unbiased and fair, there would be no mass incarcerations of large demographics.  

Women would not feel unsafe or unwelcome in certain spaces because sexism and sexual violence would not exist there. People of all genders would feel safe and equal in my society. My ideal society would also involve sustainable living practices and free healthcare so that my citizens live longer and healthier lives. The healthcare system is very unfair to people who do not have money and resources. It seems unethical for someone to be denied healthcare or life-altering medical treatments because they are poor and cannot afford insurance. Free healthcare would allow my citizens to live life without worry of being able to pay for their needed medical treatments or medications. By including sustainable living practices, my society would have a better environment and my citizens would not run into as many health problems as we see in our society due to environmental changes. 

It is hard to create a perfect society, especially since I have used a flawed one for inspiration. The things I wrote about today are the things that I would change in the snap of a finger if I could and it would make my idea of society a much better one. 

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