Blog Post #2: Describe your personal utopia

I’ve honestly never considered what I would imagine my utopia to be. When I think of utopia I think of an ideal world where everyone is happy and healthy and there is little to no conflict. First, this utopia would need to be racism free and colorism free. I would also say queer people as well as all genders would need to be loved and accepted. If everyone cannot be welcomed in their own skin and sexuality then there cannot be pure happiness. For me personally, I would say my own utopia would include lovely scenery , probably a mix of water, hills,and city views.I would imagine that my everyday routine would consist of exercise, a job I really enjoy,eating foods that are tasty and good for me, and spending time with family and friends.I think another important aspect in any utopia is financial freedom for all ( how could this be accomplished in the real world? I’m not sure).There would be no such thing as homeless people or stress from financial burgers because everyone would be fairly compensated for their jobs which would allow them to pursue something they would truly enjoy.I would face no kind of discrimination or prejudice about my looks from other members of this utopia. In terms of government I’m not really sure how a government and a society of purely  happy people could coexist but I think it would be the opposite of dictatorship. I think if everyone was able to have a say in laws and there were no “ red or blue” parties then maybe people could be more agreeable in how society is regulated.Most importantly,  I wouldn’t be the only person that was happy or enjoying life there, everyone would be living their best lives nor would I think everyone’s version or ideal society that represents utopia will look different. 

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