Dystopia Definition

Definition: Dystopia is a fictional genre that portrays an imagined society characterized by oppression, suffering, and serves as a warning or critique of trends in modern society. Dystopia epitomizes a genre encapsulating societal phobias and scrutinizing prevailing power structures. In accordance with Fredric Jameson, dystopian literature embodies a “negative utopia,” Continue reading

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Originally conceptualized by Michel Foucault, panopticism revolves around the idea of constant surveillance, instilling the notion that individuals are under constant observation. This belief prompts individuals to regulate their own behavior, conforming to societal norms. Serving as a disciplinary tool, panopticism molds conduct by ingraining the fear of being watched Continue reading


In the digital age, people often give up their privacy in various ways. One common method is through sharing personal information online, including details like our name, age, location, and interests on social media platforms and websites. Additionally, individuals may unknowingly share their whereabouts by using location-based services such as Continue reading

Dystopia Defintion

Based on the media I have consumed throughout my lifetime. The definition of a dystopia is a society that leaves an overwhelming majority of its citizens in a constant state of unhappiness. This is due to the fact that this definition encompasses the many factors that define a dystopia according Continue reading