Dystopia Defined

My definition of a dystopia is a hypothetical state of society in which people lack personal autonomy and basic rights due to oppressive, dehumanizing systems. These systems are frequently the result of unrestricted technological progress or totalitarian governments. The idea of dystopia captures the terrifying result of societal flaws and Continue reading

Personal Utopia

In my ideal society, healthcare is the foundation of a utopian framework that prioritizes universal access, preventative focus, holistic approaches, technological integration, equity, diversity, ethical standards, and environmental sustainability. Ensuring universal access means that all people, no matter their financial situation, can easily obtain complete healthcare services that are financed Continue reading

Is Foucault right?

According to French philosopher Michel Foucault, panopticism is an internalization of control and surveillance that works as a disciplinary mechanism. Panopticism is the belief that one is always being watched, which leads people to control their actions by social norms and expectations even when there is no one in a position Continue reading