As Good As It Gets

A democratic government is the “least dystopian” type of government. A democratic society is completely steady with “majority rule” standards of freedom, equity, justice, and power to individuals. With this form of government, citizens can take a role in the dynamic cycles of each association that decides or makes decisions Continue reading


The least dystopian government would be a democratic government because of the ability to have two layers of elected public officials. This means that the society is operating under a rule of law that all citizen must follow. It shows that all citizens are equal to fair citizenship, work, pay, Continue reading

type of goverment

In my opinion the goverment that is the least dystopian is democracy. I say democracy because it is controlled by the goverment, giving people limited freedom. In a perfecr world I imagine people wanting to do things on their own terms. The goverment also contains laws and rules that we Continue reading


The least dystopian form of government from out of the 3 listed in Leviathan to is a Democracy. A democratic government is the only form that is close enough to being able to run the U.S. society today. A democracy is a form of government where the power resides in Continue reading