All To Myself….or not (College Edition)?

For Privacy, I’m willing only to give up some of those rights that in the end will benefit me more than harming me. One example that I’ve had to deal with is living with a roommate and suitmates for the past two years. Because I’ve had at least one roommate and two suit mates, I’ve lost a good amount of privacy in order to have a living room, a bigger bathroom, and a bit of a cheaper fee in order to have access to the facilities rather than if I had them all to myself. I’m also willing to give up some of my privacy in order to spend less money and to be somewhere that overall is more affordable for me and my family. Overall though, I don’t know how much privacy I would surrender because all the options that I listed before are temporary means and not permanent solutions. When we think of the word and definition of surrendering, that means I would never be able to gain those rights again, at least not easily anyway. I think some that I would surrender is sharing certain things with others rather than liberties and rights such as not having a bathroom or certain places to myself because I already do that at home, school, and whenever I travel with others. In this, some of the rewards I expect are especially going to be from the other people such as receiving respect for sharing the same space. I brought this up earlier but I think many of my concerns are economic based so I feel like things like rent, supplies, and everything to occupy and take care of the space or be involved with it should be cheaper and or reduced because more than one person is putting into it rather than just one.

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