The least dystopian goverment

Throughout the world, nations are governed by many greatly diverse forms of government that dictate the everyday lives of their citizens. These forms of government can include monarchs, oligarchy, democracy, totalitarianism, and even communism. An ideal government protects its citizen’s rights, promotes social welfare, creates laws that improve one’s way of life and isn’t easily corrupted. If I were to pick the form of government that would lead to a dystopia, a society where people lead dehumanized and fearful lives, it would be a representative democracy. This form of government uses representatives in government to vote and create laws on behalf of the people they represent. There are flaws to this system such as corrupt representatives who misrepresent and only try to achieve political power, as well as our inability to speak up for ourselves in fear that others will judge or not feel the same. Though flawed, its solutions aren’t impossible and it’s the most efficient for the current state of the world. It requires the people to be aware and involved in the process before electing individuals to represent their best interest. The people still can replace the representatives, not have their daily lives dictated by strict laws that strip them of their individuality and be who they want and have a say in the laws set in place to govern their nation. The world’s population keeps increasing and a direct democracy would take a great amount of time to get through as the people themselves vote on government decisions and would work best in small towns. Non Democratic governments strip their citizens of basic rights such as freedom of expression, rulers have full control of the citizens’ daily life, and impose strict laws that take away the privilege to make decisions for themselves, which makes them a dystopian society as it is. No form of government is perfect but a representative democracy has the most fixable flaws and a dystopian society can never form if the people are willing to speak up and exercise their right to speak up and demand change before it’s too late. A dystopia can only be formed if we see we are being wronged and ignore it, which can never happen in a society where there’s no limit on our voices.

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