Under Surveillance

Technological advancements have allowed our rights to be violated repeatedly with little to no consequences, by major companies due to our lack of knowledge and involvement. Merriam-Webster defines privacy as the quality or state of being apart from a company or observation. Scientifically humans are known to be social creatures that need to connect with others but we also require “alone time” to recharge ourselves free of judgment and societal norms. If I were to give up any portion of my privacy, it would be an aid to building a more secure media environment by letting them track trolls on the internet or any suspicious, dangerous people. I would only allow a small part of my privacy to be invaded for the sake of others to form a safer world. While the interchange of our privacy can have some advantages or rewards, it can also make us self-aware and paranoid to make us alter our behavior in fear of being judged. Many think that those who request privacy are people with something to hide or that only “criminals” seek privacy, while “good, honest” people have nothing to hide and live ordinary, boring lives to be monitored. Requesting privacy should always be a right given to all and protected, as it gives many the ability to freely unwind in ways we may not be able to if others were to be watching. A social experiment was designed by Jeremy Bentham that created the illusion that the prisoners were being watched at all times. It resulted in a reduced number of riots because of the fear created in their minds. This system can be seen embedded into school systems as a way to enforce obedience. There were times in school or while driving when I looked over my shoulder to see if a camera or anyone was watching me. If they were, I often changed my behavior or how I was doing whatever I was doing. Social media has become a great part of our daily life since we’ve become dependent on technology but often sharing can lead to dangerous situations such as stalking or using things. Companies also take advantage of and gather data to make us addicted to buying unnecessary things to boost their revenues. In the past few weeks, I’ve watched videos and ads pop up all over my media after watching a few gardening videos. Nowadays people are more aware and seek to live “off the grind” to regain the privacy that is no longer available to us.

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