Panopticism is essentially the idea that people are under constant surveillance or observation which forces them to behave appropriately. The notion that one is being constantly watched prompts them to regulate their behavior and conform to the norms set by society through ingraining fear into people. Although the idea of panopticism was founded hundreds of years ago, the idea has been implemented into contemporary society. I believe it manifests itself in both technological and physical means. 

In the sense of technology observation, people are consistently being watched through the use of modern technology. This can be seen through the copious array of surveillance cameras, whether it be in public places or in the privacy of one’s home. The use of cameras forces people to behave obediently to societal rules. This is due to this ingrained fear that, if caught on camera, one will be punished for going against societal norms or not behaving ‘properly.’ Besides cameras, I believe the use of data is also a form of technology being used to constantly surveil people. Data from anything requiring a wireless service can reveal various facts about a person and their use of a particular software. Data is constantly watched for malicious intent and non-proper behavior is often flagged. The fear of punishment keeps people from using wireless services in a way that disobeys societal rules. 

In addition to this, people are also observed using physical means. This can be seen through societal infrastructure such as schools and police. Schools often have many tiers of individuals with increasing forms of power used to surveil the children they teach. Children are under constant surveillance which limits their individual freedom and conforms them to the rules of school. Due to fear of punishment, children will obey the rules set by the school and behave properly. I feel as though the police also play a prominent role in constant observation. Adults will behave in the proper manner out of fear of punishment by the police. For example, people will drive the appropriate speed limit to not get pulled over by police. Police are often hiding behind vegetation watching for those disobeying road laws. Constant observation ingrains fear into the people of society which forces them to follow societal rules due to punishment.

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