Least Dystopian Government

In my opinion, a big factor in dystopias is the type of government. The most common governments I have seen in dystopias are totalitarian and authoritarian governments. Totalitarianism, according to Oxford Languages, is a system of government that is centralized, dictatorial, and requires complete subservience from the state. A couple Continue reading

Is Foucault Right?

The idea of panopticism, proposed by French philosopher Michel Foucault, enforces surveillance and the idea of punishment, rather than punishment itself. It is an idea that shifts away from a single authority figure, like a king or queen, and shifts to a more group-based system. The control of the population Continue reading

Utopia: An ideal society

If I were in charge, my utopia would focus on alleviating governmental corruption, accessibility to healthcare, addressing racism, and resolving environmental overconsumption.             In a perfect world, society would have a government with just officials. Having one person in charge of a nation is not ideal. If I oversaw the Continue reading