Privacy in the Modern Day

In the age of the internet and advancing technology, privacy is something that is consistently talked about. With every new tech advancement, such as face identification or google home, there is an outbreak of concern for privacy. There is a fear that someone is listening in on phone conversations, that online websites are selling people’s private information, or that a government official is tracking or keeping tabs on people.

In my opinion, living in a modern society some privacy must be given up. For example, some privacy has to be given up for safety. Many phones can be tracked and many building have security cameras. Some do not like the idea of others knowing where they are, but this technology could be helpful. From catching a criminal to finding someone that is lost, giving up this bit of privacy can be beneficial. I am willing to surrender some privacy for security. In addition, privacy is traded for convenience. With the rise is online shopping, people are willing to input personal information, such as a home address, phone number, or credit card number, in return for delivery right to their door. I am willing to give up some privacy for convenience.

Privacy is a complex topic that is hard to define. I would never want to give up my human right of expression and freedom of association. I would never want to be in a country or community that allows intrusion and interference into my personal privacy without reason. In exchange for the privacy that I am willing to give up, I would expect safety, security, comfort, and convenience in return. Living in the twenty-first century, it is almost impossible to be anywhere with complete privacy. This is a consequence of technological advancements; however, it is essential to know what limits we have on surrendering privacy.

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