Freedom: How much privacy do we have and how much will we give up to gain freedom?

What are you willing to give up some of your privacy for?

PH: I believe that I am a very transparent person so a lot of my life is not necessarily private. On the other hand, I do believe that there are things that I keep from others. I would probably be willing to give up some of my privacy for more money. I know that ay seem like the very basic answer, however I have always contemplated being a talk show host and or having a reality tv show so I know that I would already be giving up some of my privacy for those things considering the amount of filming that happens to people during filming of their talk shows but most definitely during the filming of reality tv shows.

How much privacy are you willing to surrender?

PH: I feel like I would be giving up a lot of privacy simply because I would be obligated to do it if I were to have a reality tv show. A lot of the things in my life aren’t fully divulged unless people ask me about them. Of course I would be willing to share it if it were asked and I were filming for reality tv show, but it wouldn’t be something that I would just go out and do unsolicited. I would think that I would be giving up about 60-75 percent of the privacy in order to reflect my life story as it is being filmed.

What rewards do you expect in exchange?

I think the major rewards I would expect in exchange would definitely be monetary gain as well as being able to live my life in transparency and authenticity without the fear or concern for others thoughts and opinions regarding me, my life choices or any ideas I have. I don’t think that most people would necessarily care for my opinions on matters unless they are like some right wing extremists. outside of those things, I do not feel that I would care much about others opinions on me because as they say “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and some of them stink.”

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