How far can you go?

So with social media, we can’t necessarily control who sees our content but there are people who can see just about everything that we post. It’s also kind of obvious that there are people watching and listening. Sometimes I can go look something up and promise you within the next hour or so I’ll see something about it pop up on instagram or another social media. It’s like they have access to everything we do, they can even hear us when we’re talking.

I wouldn’t give up too much of my privacy but I’d give up little things. I’d post things like pictures with friends at a party or maybe when it’s my birthday. I’d post for days when I’m at a concert. Basically little things to let people know “I’m still alive”, tiny little updates on my life. I try to withhold on posting stuff like where I’m at because I’ve heard of multiple times when people would post their precise location and things would happen to them, things like that scare me. Of course there’s certain things we know we shouldn’t post like our addresses, social security number, possibly not even our full names because it takes one really smart person to put the lives together and do thing with your information. Like there’s some people that will post their every single move and that’s a lot of privacy just being put out there, which I never really understood.

As for rewards, I don’t think there’s much I’d want in exchange. Social media is just a little entertainment and kind of used to keep people up to date. Everyone is different though, it all would depend on the persons individual preferences. What I find as a reward may not be as appealing to someone else and they may not like that reward. Overall, one should always consider the risks and consequences of sharing certain information and make sure the “rewards” balance out with any potential privacy concerns or drawbacks.

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