What is a Dystopia?

What is a dystopia? throughout the course of this class we have discussed the key elements of what makes a dystopia, the many different forms in which people can experience dystopian society, and even finding real world dystopian regimes across the nation such as the one occurring in Afghanistan under Continue reading

Is Foucault Right?

Panopticism can be seen in the distribution and excessive use of surveillance technology in public spaces and online environments in our modern society. The panopticon is the idea that people change their behavior when they believe they are being watched. This self-regulation creates a sense of discipline, where people conform Continue reading

So many options and none of them are good

I believe It’s necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different political structures while deciding on the least dystopian kind of government. Any type of government may be abused, but a democratic republic is particularly good at preventing dystopian societies. In a democratic republic, the people pick their leaders, and authority Continue reading

Utopias? What is Ideal?

In my ideal utopia, society would put the well-being and happiness of all of its citizens above everything else. Everyone would have equal access to resources such as health, education and basic needs, regardless of their  background or social status. We would be achieve this by creating a comprehensive welfare Continue reading

Delusion or Dystopian?

Is it delusion that you’re experiencing or are you currently living in a dystopia? Dystopia can be defined as a societal hellish landscape where those who live in it have to survive through constant oppression, acts of dehumanization, and lack of individuality. An interesting example of what a dystopian society Continue reading