Delusion or Dystopian?

Is it delusion that you’re experiencing or are you currently living in a dystopia? Dystopia can be defined as a societal hellish landscape where those who live in it have to survive through constant oppression, acts of dehumanization, and lack of individuality. An interesting example of what a dystopian society may look like takes place in the film “The Purge”. In a dystopia, similar to the world portrayed in “The Purge” displays a nightmare induced societal structure where, an annual event takes place for a small designated period time where all crime, including murder, is legalized. This extreme measure is then justified by the authorities and government as a means to cleanse society of its inherent violence and maintain order. However, the film exposes the flaws and moral contradictions within this dystopian system by subsequently illustrating how the obsession of control, domination, and power through such extreme measures ultimately resulted in the degradation of humanity and the collapse of ethical and moral principles. The oppressive atmosphere, loss of individual autonomy, and the normalization of violence collectively reinforce the dystopian nature of the society depicted in “The Purge.”

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