Utopia: An ideal society

If I were in charge, my utopia would focus on alleviating governmental corruption, accessibility to healthcare, addressing racism, and resolving environmental overconsumption.

            In a perfect world, society would have a government with just officials. Having one person in charge of a nation is not ideal. If I oversaw the building of a society, I would build a governmental system based on checks and balances. I think a revised democratic system would be acceptable. Current democratic ideals discourage people from having an open mind and encourages a mob mentality. It also focuses on the needs of the majority rather than the needs of all.

Second, I would want to reform the health system. Not only is healthcare not accessible for some in rural areas, but it is too expensive for some in urban areas. If I were in charge, the healthcare system would have a bigger focus on equity. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so the healthcare system would reflect that. I would base my healthcare system off of the policies in Sweden where healthcare is mainly government-funded.

Third, a utopia would be a society without racism. I would not want to have a society where everyone is the same or where we do not “see color”. I would rather the society be accepting of all races and not place one skin tone above another. The society would not have stereotypes or beauty standards.

            Finally, I would have a society without overconsumption. For an ideal society to survive, we need a place to live. Therefore, if I was in charge, we would take care of the flora and fauna. Deforestation will be prohibited. In areas meant for civilization, animals will be relocated and new plants will be planted. Additionally, public transportation will be more accessible to reduce air pollution. Changing the way the environment is treated with help stop environmental degradation.

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