The reality of Panopticism

It is an ongoing debate as to whether we are all pawn pieces in someone’s reality? Are we in a realm where we are being watched? Are we being watched through television screens? Is this world a simulation? There are many questions that most humans want the answers to. This topic is very common but today we will focus on Foucalt’s discussion and perspective on panopticism. The idea that follows panopticism is that humans are under the impression that they are being watched so they behave properly. Now “watch” can relate to many things; watched by the government or being watched through a third party.

I have also wondered if we are being watched by the government which is logical due to the privacy we lack through the everyday activity of technology and then some. I believe when someone believes they are being watched they may become a little bit more cautious with their decisions and actions. This could be seen as a great thing. If people believe they are being watched they wouldn’t be as tempted to follow through with bad decisions. I also believe that is a tactic that is used in the government to create the illusion that we are being watched  even if we are not to possibly control some people’s actions. 

This topic can result in many different pathways because we are being watched in a simulator and sometimes we have a realization of the possibility and try to control our reality or act properly. Let’s say we are being watched by the government, we try to control ourselves or act properly to avoid getting into situations and trouble. Lastly, let’s say we are not being watched by the government and it’s all an idea in our head, its working in the favor of those we believe are watching because we are acting “properly”.

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