What form of government should we choose?

I believe that the best form of government that we should choose is a representative democracy. I believe we should choose this because, in a representative democracy, the elected officials are elected by the public so that means everyone gets a vote and a voice. Citizens are allowed to vote and have a say in the government without needing experts in the field of that subject. The people who are elected are the ones who are responsible for studying and voting on the legislation and the citizens can focus on their lives and choose to get involved in politics if that is something they wish to do, (I believe that people should use their right to vote). Representative democracy promotes accountability because citizens can vote out representatives that are not serving their interests and they do not want to see them anymore. It is important for everybody to be informed about politics so they know what is going on in the world and most importantly keep updated to make sure their rights are not at stake as well. Most Western countries use this and I think all should so the public can use their right to vote. The power of the representatives is also controlled by the constitution to balance the power so the elected officials do not abuse their power. The Constitution was created in 1787 but senators were not elected by the public until 1913 and originally women and black people were not allowed to vote. Things have changed since then but minorities are still fighting for their rights to this day. In conclusion, I believe that representative democracy is what we should choose because it is the best for everybody in the sense that everyone can use their right to voice their opinion on who they believe should be in office. 

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