Definition of a dystopia.

The opposite of utopia, a place where people are suffering and being put down. 

A dystopia is an imaginary society where the people who live there are suffering and dehumanized. I chose this definition of dystopia because this is what I believe it is in my mind from everything I have seen in life. A utopia is a place where everything is unicorns and a rainbow and everyone is at peace, but a dystopia is people living in hell, poverty, not clean, gray skies, and people having a horrible time. In a nutshell, a utopia is good and a dystopia is bad and people would prefer to live in a utopia. The government has total control over the people and watches over them 24/7. The family structures are suppressed by society. Dystopian words are also described as technologically advanced and they lack human rights and liberties. Dystopian fiction also serves as a warning for us for the dangers that lie ahead of us in the future. It shows that one day we would be conformed to a box and not be able to get out. The government would fully take over and we would not have any rights. Lowkey something like in The Handmaid’s Tale where we see the women being used basically as baby incubators and to serve the men. But life in this world can be a dystopia for people in other countries and even in the US because their government does not care about them and does not help them. It is sad what is going on in the world and it is up to the world leaders to do something and make a change. The themes of dystopia also have become increasingly high in our culture mainly in science fiction films, TV series, and novels that we read. This class has really opened my eyes about what dystopia truly means. 

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