How much privacy are you willing to give up?

Honestly speaking, social media is not a private place at all. Once you create an account on any social media platform you are subjected to being hacked and all your information being stolen. I love social media, it helps people create a profit, you share with others what you do daily, and you can be inspired and even educated. But there are predators and evil people on social media who are out to get you. There are too many times where we hear stories of people being groomed and meeting up with random people from the internet and being abused by them. Growing up there was no social media, everyone was outside and running around and reading books. It’s cool to see how times have changed but since times have changed everyone has to adapt to everything that has changed around us. People have to keep their kids safe and I believe that keeping them away from certain things on social media will do that. I am willing to give up some of my privacy which is why my accounts are all private except my Instagram and LinkedIn. I do not want people all up in my business and it is great that I can control who I want to see my account and who I don’t. I used to have my account in public but I started getting random followers from weird accounts and sometimes they would even DM me. I block them but blocking people everytime they do things like that is tiring. So that is why I decided to put my account private so I can manage who gets to see my account and how much I want to share with the world. Everyone can control their own account but I would suggest that if you don’t want people to see deeper into who you are or risk your information being taken to not be on social media at all.

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