Sacrificing Privacy

Privacy is a broad term, and in this context, we are referring to privacy on the Internet and social media. These days, I believe that we have no privacy and everything is collected for ‘data’. We are continuously having to accept or reject cookies, and people’s information is constantly being severed and uploaded to the dark web. Information about someone and their background is easy to get a hold of on various websites where you can search for people in a community. So much so that you can determine one’s federal and criminal background by looking up their name. People are scamming wealthy individuals by getting a hold of their social security numbers and their checking and routing numbers by paying people for

Honestly, I think we already give all of our privacy up and we have no say in controlling what is exposed based on the simple fact that the internet and the use of social media are so prominent these days and it is challenging to navigate without them being that they are the basis of everyday life whether a kid, student, an adult, etc. But, if I were able to control how much of my privacy is severed, I would not give up much of my privacy. I do not mind cookies being collected for meaningful data. Rather, I do mind the weird ‘personal FBI agents’ as most people would refer to them. This statement is regarding the ‘people’ who collect our information and listen in on our conversations. For example, you can talk about Oreos with your friend and how you’re craving them, and next thing you know an ad on Instagram pops up for Oreos.

I am willing to give up my privacy for things that equate to success in my career. For example, if collecting data and cookies from my apps equates to being able to be a world-renowned doctor, I would give up my privacy in a heartbeat. However, privacy would be limited to the data collecting and could not be anything beyond collecting data.

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