Panopticism around me!?

One way in which panopticism has been embedded into society is through the use of cameras at street lights and on streets in school zones. Through the use of cameras, surveillance is being conducted 24/7. Although the cameras are on 24/7, someone is not always watching those cameras to make Continue reading


In today’s society, there is a lot of surveillance on citizens, especially in the United States. While I do believe much of the surveillance is invasive, some monitoring of people is needed to secure the safety of others. The internet is one of the most expansive creations of technology which Continue reading


In my opinion, the form of government that would be the least dystopian would be a demarchy. A demarchy uses the method of sortition to appoint political officials. Sortition is known as the random selection of citizens with no regards to socioeconomic or political status. As a result, chosen officials Continue reading

An Enchanted Utopia

If I were in charge, I would create a world in which violence was unknown. There would be no crime and no subjugation of individuals. In eliminating crime, I desire to have a world where no one must fear for their life when they go out into society. Guns would Continue reading

Caught in a Dystopia?!!

Based on my experiences with books, films, and reality, a dystopia is classified as a state of living where a group is subjugated to a higher authority against their own will. Through this subjugation, injustices and wrongdoings are performed creating an oppressive living environment. In reality, certain populations, whether that Continue reading