In my opinion, the form of government that would be the least dystopian would be a demarchy. A demarchy uses the method of sortition to appoint political officials. Sortition is known as the random selection of citizens with no regards to socioeconomic or political status. As a result, chosen officials will represent the nation in all aspects. Whether that be different races or different careers, an inclusive pool of citizens will be responsible for decision making of the entire nation. The benefits of a demarchy is that it allows for a complete representation of the citizens. Through randomization of political officials, a greater representation of the citizen body is achieved.

To continue, the major aspects of a demarchy that make it a stark contrast to a dystopia is the representation of a whole. Typically in dystopias, an absolute power, whether that be a single person or group of individuals, is in charge. They make decisions in the best interests of themselves while exploiting the citizens of the society. There is an abuse of power that results in a society structure based on obedience and submission. Although demarchy’s are not practiced in this current century, they have been instituted before. These societies were able to curb special interests corruption and provide insight for the majority. As a result, the ability for a single person or group to obtain absolute power was difficult due to the mass inclusivity of the chosen decision makers.

While a demarchy is a contrast of a dystopia, it can still be abused to create an imbalance of power. Just like other forms of government, humans have a nature to want to dominant. As a result, violence may occur if difference of opinions arises which causes discord. This discord may lead to civil conflict influencing individuals to take sides. When individuals begin to take sides, a majority will arise leading to political domination. Therefore, in a demarchy, the inclusivity will diminish as citizens begin to homogenize their opinions and beliefs. Those who go against the majority opinions will be either forced into submission or excluded from society.

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