Z.S – Meritocracy

Meritocracy is a political philosophy or system where individuals’ advancement and rewards are based on their abilities, achievements, and merits rather than factors like social class, wealth, or other characteristics like popularity. Meritocracy, in theory, emphasizes equal opportunities for all individuals. It suggests that people should be rewarded based on their talents and efforts rather than factors beyond their control, such as socioeconomic background, family connections, or bribery. This promotes efficiency and competence in governance. This could also potentially reduce corruption, as individuals are selected and promoted based on their merit rather than through nepotism or other forms of favoritism.

I think a large reason societies become dystopian (other than when there is no government at all) is that they put people into office who are not the most qualified and are not fit to lead people or make decisions. Or people are in positions of authority who are money and power-hungry and only want to control people, not make a flourishing society. People from society are then so oppressed that they want to retaliate. If those with the necessary skills and qualifications are in positions of authority, it leads to more effective decision-making and resource allocation.

Another thing to note is that merit-based systems encourage individuals to strive for excellence, knowing that their efforts will be recognized and rewarded. This can create a society where people are motivated to work hard and contribute positively to the community instead of a society where people feel discouraged and undermined.

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