Studvent, Alyssa Blog Post #3 Isocracy

The form of government that I believe would be the least dystopian would have to be an isocracy. An isocracy, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “a system of government in which all have equal political power”. I chose this form of government because in comparison with a dystopian which is “an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice,” there truly cannot be any input of bias resulting in injustice and suffering if there is no one truly in charge or if everyone is equal under the law of the land. Systemic racism would cease to exist because everyone regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, and race would have equal power and ability to change laws for the betterment of the community if supported by their peers. The usage of an isocracy would also result in the removal of the church from government decision-making. This allows for individuals who differ in religious and/or cultural beliefs to live equal lives as those without, without the fear of being punished or unjustly treated for their personal decisions and beliefs. The placement of individuals in power means the supporting of their beliefs and ideals, along with the input of their biases whether innate or acquired. This removal truly and honestly allows for the equality of throughout-state treatment. The idea of an isocracy supports self-ownership of business and market, the idea of autonomy as it pertains to personal resources, and property rights. This also helps promote the opposite of dystopia because dystopias are built off of the hierarchy of certain people and the lack of personal/self-ownership. This idea of self-ownership not only promotes autonomy as it pertains to businesses but also autonomy as it pertains to the rights of individual bodies, specifically women. Through this government, the lifestyle of women would be the complete opposite of life and stories we’ve seen repeatedly such as The Handmaid’s Tale. Women would have the ability to make their own decisions about their bodies without the regulation or input of individuals with different beliefs and/or biases than themselves which is incredibly important in the maintenance and regulation of injustice and suffering which are the main two principles of dystopian governments. Although in this sense I support isocracy, I have to note that I do not agree with this form of government although I chose it to be the least dystopian. I believe that there should always be some sort of governing body and/or individuals in charge because, with individuals left to their own devices, this could lead to destruction rather than the creation of the community/system altogether. I support democracy and other forms similar to democracy because this allows for greater support and/or input of individuals on a more direct scale rather than having the input of every individual and no governing body. After all, this could lead to more chaos since someone is always going to be left unhappy. 

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