An Enchanted Utopia

If I were in charge, I would create a world in which violence was unknown. There would be no crime and no subjugation of individuals. In eliminating crime, I desire to have a world where no one must fear for their life when they go out into society. Guns would not exist, because all they cause is bloodshed and tears. In my utopia, anything that would cause harm to an individual would be obliterated. Through these conditions, I aim to avoid pain and grief. In today’s society, there are many situations such as war, mass shootings, and accidental killings involving guns which could be avoided with the elimination of deadly weapons. These avoidable instances send immense amounts of pain through communities causing prolonged grief. In my world, that would be no more. To further expand on my ideal society, health equity would be achieved across all lands and nations. Everyone who seeks to be treated medically will receive optimal care regardless of their socioeconomic status. This would eliminate health disparities allowing for every individual to have the opportunity to achieve a life of good health. It would be the opposite of the current state of the healthcare system in America. In my ideal world, it would be a right for everyone to have access to the best health care. Another highlight of my utopia is that people would have the opportunity to pursue their dreams regardless of the cost and salary. Everyone would have the chance to do what they desire whether that is becoming a physician, a teacher, an artist, or even a dog walker. There would be no societal pressure for one to pursue a career that they do not want to. By doing this, I aim to allow people to cultivate interests in endeavors that they wouldn’t pursue due to financial barriers. In my utopia, individuals would not be burdened with societal pressures like in today’s world.
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