Passion over capitalism

The ideal utopia in my mind is a place where capitalism does not exist. Without capitalism, people would have the chance to pursue their real passions without the worry of having to make enough money to afford basic necessities like food, and shelter. Starvation, racism, sexism, homelessness, or any other form of hate would also be nonexistent in my society. Everyone would be housed and fed at all times. My ideal utopia would operate on a barter and trade system, rather than money. As the saying goes, money is the root of all evil, after all. 

I believe a barter and trade system promotes unity, while also supporting people pursuing their true talents. This system would unite citizens as people would need each other for goods and people would be encouraged to keep doing what they’re passionate about because somewhere there is someone willing to trade for the goods produced. For example, let’s say there is someone who is a very talented seamstress, but can’t garden and there is also someone who has a great green thumb, but is terrible at sewing. These two people could establish a recurring trade under my barter system, and both would benefit from this exchange. My utopia would have free healthcare and education, as well. By eliminating capitalism from my ideal society, there would be no need for entities to be private. This would allow equal opportunity of quality education and healthcare for all, not just those who have the most money.

This concludes my idea of utopia, but I want to add an interesting thought I had while working on this blog. I realize that in defining my own utopian society, I am probably creating someone else’s idea of a dystopian society and this fact is exactly how dystopias are born. A select few change society to what they see as fit, even though the people living in that society may not agree.

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