My Utopia

My idea of utopia is a place that is prosperous on all levels of society. A place where people don’t have to worry about money or living expenses and struggling is not a concept. The biggest part of my utopia is a happy place with no crime or competition in the slightest. Crime wouldn’t be present due to there being a lack of difference amongst the people allowing for there no need to take from others because you already have everything you need. The people will have all their needs met by the government and have the option of working for anything extra that they need. There would be no requirement to pay taxes to the government because, in my ideal society, the government will always have enough to take care of its people. Healthcare would be free for all people and there would be a surplus of physicians ready to help at any time. Healthcare is very important to ensure the safety and health of all citizens involved in society. All forms of education from kindergarten to college would be free no matter how many years it takes to finish. Education is allowed to everyone regardless of race, age, or other factors.  All people would have a fair chance at everything in life and nothing would seem out of reach. Any goals that people set for themselves will always be easily attainable with the resources allowed through the government. All food and dining experiences will be free as there will be no real need to make money as all things are provided to you. My utopia is a place that is beneficial to all people in all places of all ages.  Even after someone’s passing all funeral costs will be covered by the government allowing the family to grieve in any way necessary.

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