My Utopian Society

My personal Utopia reflects my ideas and beliefs on the world I would like to see. The hardest part and the one that needs to be addressed is the type of government would be best suited for it. Due to my own woes with capitalism and I harm it tends to bring in the long run I would instead opt for a government with collectivism at it’s core. With that being said, yes I am advocating for Communist like society where the people own the resources. No one goes with out the necessities, like food, shelter, and water. Everyone is paid based on their own merit and abilities at the job the wish to accomplish. If someone where to want to live a life a luxury they would need the necessary skills to be able to work a high paying to afford that kind of lifestyle. I would like to stress the fact that just because there is an emphasis on the collective it does not mean individuals who wish to standout are hampered by everyone else. The goal of this form of government Is simple to prevent 1% of people from owning majority of the wolds wealth and resources. People who want to seek more wealth will be allowed to do so along as it does not affect the wellbeing of others. Everybody is allowed to practice their own religions and it having a national religion will not be a thing in this society. Nobody forces their respective beliefs on everyone but different perspectives on life are more then welcomed to be discussed. No one is discriminated against and a multicultural community is preferred. To preserve the world we live on I would also place enact policies in place that keep the environment clean. To continue to thrive on this world we have to keep it intact.
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