In today’s society, there is a lot of surveillance on citizens, especially in the United States. While I do believe much of the surveillance is invasive, some monitoring of people is needed to secure the safety of others. The internet is one of the most expansive creations of technology which allows for the access to massive amounts of information. Some people tend to use this information maliciously. If it was not for the invasion of privacy by the government, certain malicious acts would have been able to be perpetrated. In my opinion, I would be willing to give a minimal amount of my privacy for security. I do not believe that there is anything else to obtain that would require the relinquishing of one’s privacy.

To continue, the amount of privacy should not be much. For example, I would not allow cameras to be watching me for any period of time. In addition, people should have privacy within medical and educational matters. However, as I stated before, the internet is filled with an abundance of information. Therefore, I believe that minimal monitoring of internet data and trends would be acceptable to obtain security. This level of monitoring should not include being able to see what people search up verbatim. However, their should be key words and phrases that are marked as potential threats. In this way, the FBI and other agencies can investigate potential threats without targeting citizens.

Through this surveillance, I expect that the government will provide the citizens with the security they need. I do not consider this a reward. The act of a governing body providing security to their citizens should be an inherent right. The security should also include the limitations of arsenal because it poses one of the greatest risks to the safety of nations. The monitoring of citizens should include the tracking of who is purchasing fire arms to aid in the providing a secure nation.

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