I am willing to give up some of my privacy for protection, safety, independence, and freedom within certain limits. I am not willing to give up much of my privacy for these things. I would give up as much privacy that will allow me to live freely and independently but also be protected. I believe that I would continuously give up privacy until I feel as though it is too much. For example, I would be willing to give up my privacy until I feel like I am being infringed on. This would include things such as feeling that there is an outward expression of my every move being controlled or monitored, and it causes me to begin to feel constrained. This, in turn, revokes the freedom of the life I would like to live. The rewards I would expect to receive are the things I said I would be willing to give up my privacy for such as safety, independence, freedom, and protection.

I think that the privacy I give up for the rewards of safety and independence reflects much of the life I live currently in the United States. I believe people give up privacy in the United States for protection and the freedom to live as they choose. I believe that the line that is characterized as there is too much privacy being given up is subjective. I also think that the line between just enough privacy and too little privacy is thin and can be abused. For instance, companies who are not concerned with protecting the country will monitor us through things such as using their apps or websites. There have been many cases where companies have illegally used the information that was unlawfully obtained from consumers. Furthermore, I believe that people are fine with the government monitoring US citizens because people believe the government is doing it for our best interests. I also believe that people are okay with it because they can continue to live freely and independently within limits that they are fine with and continue to receive the benefits like safety and security.

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