Is surrendering privacy good?

I like to keep the people and things around my life private. It’s difficult for me to give up my privacy if there is no reason for me to. Usually, one would say they give up privacy for freedom, security and protection. However, if I gave up my privacy for protection, how am I protected if my privacy is invaded?  If my loved ones or myself were in danger or for the life of financial freedom, I would give up my privacy to an extent of what’s needed. For example, if my loved one is kidnapped, my privacy can be given up just in the hopes of saving them. This is when I believe privacy can be thrown out the window as danger is in play here. Nevertheless, giving up privacy will not result in security as that requires trust between both parties. As we know, everyone always questions the government’s liability to protect their citizens. Social media especially has been the biggest risk of privacy as what information are being taken from us without our knowledge. Facebook had a couple of court hearings about the privacy of their users being sold. There could be information the government has accessed to without our knowledge. This is the limit in which I am willing to surrender my privacy. There is no need for my privacy to be accessed without my knowledge. I wouldn’t give up all my privacy but about 1% whether that is data usage, cell phone calls, or my location. In exchange for my privacy, I would expect protection for people around me or a form of trust with my privacy.

In the end, I don’t believe in giving up privacy unless it is detrimental as security can not be guaranteed as we see many ways one can break trust in that contract. Knowing that someone has all your information can be scary. The internet especially is dangerous as hackers can obtain information easily. My privacy is very important to me, but if I was given protection, freedom, and a peaceful life, I can surrender my privacy to a extent.

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