Privacy vs. Security

If I had to give up some of my privacy for something in turn, the reward would have to be something worth it enough. In my opinion there isn’t anything worth it enough to give up my privacy because I believe my information and rights as an individual would be traded as a result. Having no privacy means that we would be watched and surveillance all the time. In addition giving up part of our privacy means that some stuff would be censored as it would be believed to be for our safety. This is basically what a dystopian society is if we are giving up our privacy for some kind of reward that we believe to be beneficial to us. This reminds me of The Handmaid’s Tale as the citizens in the book are watched and their rights are compromised for their safety. Some of our privacy may already be compromised today through different websites and social media sites possibly selling our information. Examples of such are sites selling our information to third parties in order to cater ads with similar themes. Something that I always joke about is how I am being “watched” after getting similar content on my social media apps after I said it out loud. Additionally, the government still keeps track of us in some way such as how much money we make, what we do, what we own, etc. Some of our privacy in this way is already given up for security reasons.  I would only be okay with giving up my privacy for extreme circumstances such as if my family is in danger in any way or if I would be provided with everything needed to live and survive with ease. In the end I would not be willing to give up any of my privacy unless under some extreme circumstance which forces me too.

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