Dystopia Now

At the beginning of the semester, I defined dystopia as a place of fear and a place where equality does not exist. From all the movies and readings that were done this semester, a dystopia is far more complicated than what I thought it was in the beginning of the Continue reading

Am I Being Watched?

A way in which panopticism is used in society today is through surveillance and cameras. Surveillance cameras are a way to let people know that they are being watched. By having a sense that they are being watched, they would conform to norms and behave to such norms. Cameras are Continue reading

My Utopia

My idea of utopia is a place where stress and worry don’t exist and essentially everything is free. A world where everyone could live freely without worrying about what food they are gonna have to eat or if they have a place to sleep at night sounds really nice to Continue reading


To me, a dystopia is a place where equality does not exist but also a place where one fears or constantly lives in fear. If utopia is a place where everything is perfect and everyone is happy, dystopia would be the opposite: a place of unhappiness. Equality does not exist Continue reading