Am I Being Watched?

A way in which panopticism is used in society today is through surveillance and cameras. Surveillance cameras are a way to let people know that they are being watched. By having a sense that they are being watched, they would conform to norms and behave to such norms. Cameras are basically in every building or house you walk into. At every store there are cameras to make sure that people are not stealing or doing something that they should not be doing. Similarly, some schools have cameras in the classrooms or hallways for the same reason: making sure that students do not do something that they should not be doing. Some of these cameras are round and dome like. This is interesting as the panopticon, a place where prisoners are being watched, is also round and dome like. There may not be a connection between the shape of each surveillance type but it is interesting in this sense as they share the similarity of being surveilled. In a way cameras are a new way for discipline in society. Ring doorbell cameras is also a good example of this as well as the doorbell lets the visitors know that they are being recorded. Ring doorbell is an interesting concept as well as they have the ability to capture times when people don’t know they are being surveilled.

As mentioned by Foucault as well, having cameras in society doesn’t always mean that everyone would behave to norms. There are people who would behave differently from the norm such as burglars. Cameras are just a way to prevent more people from behaving from the norm. In a way it is the Handmaid’s Tale in which everyone is being watched to make sure they live by the norm. If they don’t then some kind of punishment occurs which is similar to that of what could happen in society if one does not fit into societal norms.

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