Dystopia Now

At the beginning of the semester, I defined dystopia as a place of fear and a place where equality does not exist. From all the movies and readings that were done this semester, a dystopia is far more complicated than what I thought it was in the beginning of the semester. A dystopia is still a fearful place but far worse than it may seem as humans are not seen as humans. It’s a place that is full of corruption, violence, and injustice. Lastly, it is a place where the powerful rule the powerless, and surveillance is common as everyone is being watched one way or another. 

To support this definition is viewing the examples of the novels that were read this semester. The Handmaid’s Tale and the Brown Girl in the Ring explores this concept of dystopia really well. In both novels, the element of fear is used in each society to in a way implement a some kind of power and hierarchy. The Handmaid’s Tale does this through having a patriarchal society with hierarchy in which women are being watched and have to obey the men in which they are assigned. Element of fear is placed for situations when someone acts out and is brought to an unknown place and never seen again. Fear is used in Brown Girl in the Ring by Rudy to get things that he wants. Additionally, violence and injustice is depicted in both books as there is a division in class in Brown Girl in the Ring. These are good examples of dystopian as it implements fear and torture and what psychological tole it could have on the individual. 

For new articles that relate the real world to my definition of dystopian, I would definitely say in the broader sense any news that deals with the war that is happening in Palestine. It really is heartbreaking to hear about what is happening. The reason I would say this is an example of a dystopia is because of all the violence that is occuring along with the state of fear that Palestians are in due to the war. The violence is far worse than anyone could imagine. Additionally, the effects of trying to get power and how power could control your actions, another aspect of a dystopian, is depicted through this war as well.

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