My Utopia

My idea of utopia is a place where stress and worry don’t exist and essentially everything is free. A world where everyone could live freely without worrying about what food they are gonna have to eat or if they have a place to sleep at night sounds really nice to me. Everyone could live comfortably in a way. Since one of my goals is to travel a lot, in my utopia, traveling would be easy and less expensive. There’s a lot of places to explore and see which is why traveling would be made easy. There would still be a government in place and certain rules to make sure that there is still control. This is to avoid any conflict that could possibly arise. Regarding work, I would make sure that there is more free days than work days as mental health is very important. The work days could be up to the people to choose along with the work days. In terms of buying and purchasing items, as much as it would be nice for everything to be free, there is always complications that arise with such idea. This is why there would be limitations on the free things. Healthcare, food, and essentially the necessary things needed to survive would be free. Other things that are more of wants than need, I feel, would make sense for it to cost something but not too pricey. This is because if everything is free, then no one would work. So work could be an incentive for the wants of a person. Lastly, everyone would be viewed the same and not judge in any way. This is so that it is fair for everyone and that there is no discriminating between individuals. Although a utopia is hard to achieve, there is always something in your dystopia that could be fixed to make it closer to the world that you want to live.

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