Studvent, Alyssa Blog Post #2

My perfect utopia would look as though every citizen has a position or job that makes them a highly functioning piece of society. There would be equity and justice amongst all races and kinds of people. Equity and justice are incredibly important within a utopia as it allow for equal access to resources such as education, healthcare, housing, and employment opportunities. There would also be peace and harmony living in a sustainable environment that is not harmed based on the choices of humanity and ever existing not requiring healing or replenishment. Peace and harmony are important as this allows for the resolution of conflict easily while also establishing a strong community within itself. As much as I would want the extinction of sickness and disease, I do believe that it is required for societies to grow so I would have doctors who have the cure to every sickness, promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventive measures. There also would be the embracing and celebration of cultures, languages, and traditions throughout all aspects of life. Citizens will bring together the countless cultures of the world within a safe environment, with individuals sharing their cultural traditions of cuisine, arts, education, medicine, etc. from the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, Africa, and much more. Citizens within this society will have ultimate autonomy and freedom to make their own decisions but their decisions will be influenced by their positive lifestyles, ultimately leading to society making good decisions for itself based on their positive experiences. My perfect utopia would also have a perfect balance between work-life and leisure as some individuals find work-life satisfying and necessary for their happiness meaning work and life will be balanced and work will also resemble their happiness, making no one resent their place within the workforce.

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