Why a Democracy?

Compared to all the other forms of government, a democracy seems the most reasonable in turns of being the least dystopian. This is because a democracy is based on the people and not the ruling of one specific individuals which is what an autocracy is. Democracy is less likely to to result in unfairness as everyone’s opinion is taken in to consideration. The rights and liberties of the citizens are protected in a way with a democracy as everyone is considered equal. Since a democracy is “ruled by the people,” the citizens are able to hold officials accountable for their actions if they believe that their actions do not match with the laws. Additionally, having power in the hands of the people create a balance and check between representatives in office making sure that no one abuses their power too much. Because power is in the hands of the people, the people are also accountable in making sure elect officials that they believe are the most fit. This means research and being educated plays a big part in creating a democratic government that won’t result in a dystopian society. Regardless, a democracy government is still the least dystopian as people’s liberties, freedoms, and rights are protected and secured.

Every form of government have their flaws, however. A democracy could be abused depending on who is elected into office. Although the people get to elect who they want in office, it is always hard to judge someones character on whether they would stick to the words or if they are actually making decisions for the benefit of the people. Any form of government could be abused in their own way. This is due to decisions made more for personal gains rather than for the people. Everyone is greedy and selfish in some way which is what I think makes up a big part of how a dystopian results. In general, manipulation and exploitation of power towards the citizens for personal advantages is a big reason every form of government have their own flaws.

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