What government ?

Democracy would have the least dystopian form of government. The main reason for this is because a democracy is based on the rule of the people. It runs on the wants of the people and their ideologies. If citizens have their own rights, they are able to protect themselves from outside forces. A dystopian society is a impractical society where individuals are not able to thrive. Democracy secures the citizens peace in an unstable state. Everyone is equal in the view of laws as they all have equal rights. There is no force controlling their decision which prevents the abuse of power from occuring, normally. Reasons like this is why the 13 states broke from England due to abuse of power and limit rights. Terrioism state is less likely to take hold. Now with every form of government, there are some disadvantages as individuals will not always agree in what is done or said by others. However, the idea of a democracy lists ways in which a society with humanity is still alive and protected. 

Even with rules and laws, govnerments can still be abused. It all comes down to power. Individuals with power tend to feel as they belong in a higher social hierarchy even in a government like democracy. Citizens also find ways around certain governments and crimes. For example, some news outlets had mentioned criminals, who committed murder, were found not guilty, which is crazy. There have been politicians, police officials, and judges who abuse their power. Governments like autocracy and anarchy are forms of government where citizens have limits rights. This leaves them vulnerable. These governments most likely abuse their powers to keep their citizens under control. This is why a democracy is the least form of a dystopian government because even with government control, citizens still possess their own rights that keep them guarded.  

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